Lusso D'arte is a family founded company that has constantly expanded and evolved, with a focus on separating itself from its competitors since our establishment in 2004. 


Its roots show its humble beginnings. Our company got its start providing custom wall and ceiling textures to some of the wealthiest homes in the most affluent areas in the state of Florida. The main goal at this point was to recreate a lot of highly sought after textures to resemble old Venetian alleys or French Victorian Estates or even European stucco and on occasion Spanish Mission or Old World textures. Authenticity was key and this is exactly what was being achieved.

Now having harnessed the ability to make things that were new...look authentically old, caused builders and designers that worked with Lusso to challenge the possibilities. New challenges arose with each project, challenges that could only be struck down by learning new techniques and products, like recreating Mediterranean scenes using Venetian lime plasters or glazes.

Just as can be expected the company gained traction doing over 15 residences a year in the most prominent neighborhoods such as Isleworth which is home to alot of the countries elite boasting sports stars such as Tiger Woods, Vince Carter, Bubba Watson and Shaq as well as a plethora of the nations most successful entreprenuers and CEO's.

Just as things were taking off the economy plundered in 2008, The bubble had burst and many companies were left shell shocked and fighting to stay alive, Lusso was no exception. Hence began a period of refinement where before the focus was to work as fast as possible while attaining authenticity and quality, This new Era ushered in the need to be not only be the absolute best but to also be able to encompass all areas of faux at an elite level while still giving the client a way to accomplish this at reasonable rates in order to be able to compete in a market that was over saturated with finishers.

The economy slowly improved and by 2012 was starting to show signs of life. However a new challenge was looming. Design trends were changing and Lusso D'arte's bread and butter the Mediterranean/ Tuscan style homes while still present were no longer the decorative style of preference and a shift towards the future was taking place. Design trends such as Contemporary, Industrial, and Mid-Century Modern started to be the driving force and trends like Transitional and Eclectic were created for those who weren't as minimalistic in there approach towards the future. Lusso D'arte embraced the change and kicked into action. Researching materials, elements and patterns used in these design trends. Unveiling products to compete with the now resurging Wallpaper. The key was now to do very elaborate modern finishes on accent walls or ceilings. The plan was simple to create a need for faux once more, to take Wallpapers most attractive finishes but replicate them literally seamlessly and more customizable in color and sheen. The First finishes to be unveiled in the new line up consisted of the most popular materials: Glassbeads, Mica, Epoxy and Cork and were quickly followed by Metallic paints, Metals and Concrete. The goal was simple to prove that no matter what, something hand done will always be more attractive and valuable than machine made Wallpaper.

Having regained a foot hold in the market because of the now extensive and elaborate faux finishing and texture portfolio, the company focus shifted in 2013. Challenging the creative possibilities. The company now sought to break boundaries, to tackle the unthinkable. 3-D Fabrication was conceived and running rampid. From 20 foot planes hovering over a man cave to Rocket themed bowling alleys creativity was unleased using methods such as foam carving, 3-D printing, clay modeling, CnC routing and casting there is no clients dream that can't be achieved and no imagination to wild.

2014 presented a new challenge to the company, it now encompassed so many fields and was proficient in so many of them that it was apparent that they needed to expand. However the company made sure to keep quality at the forefront and each individual that was added to the team was hand picked because they not only had a client first attitude but they also showed superior skills and talent in their area of expertise.

Today the once small company that started with a Mom, Dad and Son is now thriving and searching for their next challenge to overcome.


Leadership & Artists

Marino Pena
Owner, President

Driven by uncontainable creativity Marino strives to break boundaries and create new trends. Being in the industry since 2004 has refined his abilities and given him veteranship at an early age. He has also acquired several techniques and finishes through years of practice, conventions and personal training with masters in the arts. His calling card is authenticity. He strives for perfection and client satisfaction on each and every job.

His strengths are project vision, Fabrication, Gilding, advanced faux finishes, Wall Glazing, organization and color selection.

Alexander Pena

Marino's Father. Initiated the original company in 2004. He is Known as "The King of Textures" because of his ability to create authentic looking textures with beauty and consistency. He has two Masters Degrees which allows him along with his artistry to anchor the business aspect of the company.

His strengths are in recreating textures from any era, Advanced Woodgraining, general faux finishes, Wall Glazing, Fabrication, Air brush, Spray machine specialist and business logistics.

Carolina Pena

Marino's mother. Was also an original co-founder. Carolina is fueled by her great artistic sense, Her acute eye for color and drive for perfection make her second to none in color matching and selection. She is also a faux specialist and excels in all methods and applications. Her strengths are color matching, natural element Imitations, Wall Glazing and detailed finishes.

Joel Cook

Joel has been a full time artist for over 25 years. He works primarily in oil, acrylic, watercolor and charcoal. He has experience in commercial, residential, graphic design, theme parks, and primarily art galleries. Some of his work can currently be found in Orlando's largest art gallery; HG Gallery. He also teaches an advanced painting class.

He enjoys the variety of subjects and styles dealt with but thrives for those opportunities to return to his first love' the 'classics'. The portraits of Rembrandt and the murals of Tiepolo. His strengths are Fine Art Muralist, Portraits, color matching and selection, Gilding, and Fabrication.